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Tali Weiss is an Israeli poet, leading writing workshops, and an editor of books and the online poetry magazine – "Kefel" ( Master (M.A.) in Creative Writing from the department of literature in the University of Haifa. Published her poems in many Israeli magazines. Published seven poetry books: "Siam" (1997), "Peaceful Poems" (2010), "Like a Feather" (2013), "The Navel of the Night" (2015), "The finest hour" (2018), "It Vanished" (2021) and "A Hint of joy" (2023). 


1998-2001: BA in Communication and Management, from the College of Management in Tel Aviv, Israel.

2006-2008: MA in Creative Writing, from the Department of Literature in University of Haifa, Israel.

2010: Screenwriting course at the School of Film and Television "Exposure" - The Open University, Israel.

2020: Bibliotherapy course - Therapeutic Writing - at Oranim College, Israel.

Three of my poems were published in the online literary journal "Atunispoetry" on January 24, 2022:


Spinning Lights/ Tali Weiss


Lights are spinning in my body

Having rinsed the darkness from myself,

A wonderful feeling, primeval;

And good that no one saw

How scared I was of the darkness,

A clear, deep seated fear

Without resistance or thought beyond.

And then, spinning lights

And you roll up.

A fleeting visit is enough

To become flooded with light and happiness,


How much beauty does this light contain

Spinning in my body, bursting all constraints

As well as a surplus of excuses.

Finally the dams have ruptured

Bridges have collapsed.

I gush into the lights

All of me is one big light

From the edge of darkness to here.


(Translated from Hebrew by Uri Themal)



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